Hilton replaces breakfast benefit for elite members in the United States

As reported on frequentmiler.com during December, the Hilton Honors T&C’s changed their terms and conditions for their elite members from:

complimentary continental breakfast (All Inclusive hotels, hotels with Executive Lounges, and non-U.S. only), Daily Food & Beverage Credit (U.S. only , when guest does not have access to Executive Lounge)


complimentary continental breakfast OR a Daily Food & Beverage Credit (varies by brand and region)

What this means

As reported on many sites, it looks like the temporary change of the complimentary continental breakfast for elite members is now a permanent change. This severely devalues the elite status as on many Hilton locations the F&B credit barely covers a couple of coffees let alone breakfast for two the former benefit. So far, Hilton has said they are not expanding the devaluing Worldwide except for the Moto brand. This remains to be seen as some hotels seem to be using the F&B credit instead of continental breakfast for elite members

Example: Recently in a stay in the Orlando area Hilton, the previously complimentary breakfast elite perk would have covered two people for free. This time around I received a $30 dollar a day credit to be used., with the cost of the breakfast being $30+ and taxes, this fee only covered 80% of one persons cost, a substantial devaluation of this elite perk.

Find out more information

Find out more information by visiting frequentmiler, which has an informative post on this topic.






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