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Hilton Food & Beverage Credit Update

Hilton introduced a much-detested breakfast credit as a replacement for the complimentary breakfast for two, as a temporary measure during the pandemic for stays in the United States.

Changes to Food & Beverage Credit

This program’s temporary change appearsto now have become permanent after being extended by another year with no announcement of an expiration period. Now it appears Hilton has added the Motto brand to the Terms and conditions so all Motto brand hotels by Hilton globally will not longer receive the complimentary breakfast for two and instead will receive the Food & Beverage Credit. It appears this change is being rolled out still as it does not appear yet on some Terms and Conditions on the official Hilton website.


Its sad that there is another devaluing of the Hilton complimentary breakfast for two on global hotels. My hope is its only for the Motto brand, a limited service brand, and does not expand to include all Hilton properties. Its also possible Hilton is testing this devaluing out to see if they can further devalue Hilton Gold and Diamond status.






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