Hilton Stacking Offer Images and totals

Stacking Hilton Offers

If you’re planning on staying at any Hilton branded hotel, I highly suggest you look into adding any applicable Hilton promotions to your Hilton account. In the last few years there is rarely a time that Hilton does have a promotion to receive more points or other perks from hotel reservations. These offers let you accumulate many more points or perks and are easy to add.

How to add offers

It’s easy if you wish to add offers such as the 2023 Double Up & Explore promotion. The easiest way is to look for emails from Hilton with direct links to the newest offers. A second way is to login into your account then click on the offers link at the top of the page or the bottom of the page when clicking on accounts. There is no reason not to activate all offers when you login in.

Example of Stacking Offer

On a recent trip this fall, I was able to take advantage of the following:

Hilton Stacking Offer Images and totals

If I had booked the room without any status or bonuses I would have earned
6,179 Hilton Points

Instead with multiple promotions I earned the following
21,537 Hilton Points + 8,638 Hilton Points* from the American Express Hilton Aspire card with its 14X bonus on all Hilton spends for a
Grand total of 30,175 Hilton Points


Check Hilton offers (or, if staying at another chain, check that chains offers before booking a reservation),or you could be missing many bonus points or perks before you book.

*The points from the American Express Hilton Aspire will show in your account after your current credit card billing cycle.


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