2023 Double Up & Explore Offer from Hilton

2023 Double Up & Explore Offer from Hilton

Hilton recently released a new offer for Double Points on all stays from January 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023, in addition to receiving 1000 bonus point for every brand stay during this period. The timing of this offer is great as the current 2022 Double Your Stay offer from Hilton ends on December 31, 2022.

This 2023 offer, along with the current Double Your Stay offer, doubles all base points for Hilton stays. For example, if you will earn 5000 base points from your stay, then with these offers you will receive an additional 5000 points. This offer stacks nicely with ones Hilton status and Hilton Credit Cards, especially the American Express Aspire card with its 14X points per dollar on all Hilton spending.

Want to earn more points from your Hilton stays?

If your looking to earn more points from your upcoming stays in 2023 make sure to login to your Hilton honors account and activate the 2023 Double Up & Explore offer.

The direct link to ones offers from Hilton can be found here.

2023 Double Up & Explore Offer from Hilton
Activate the 2023 Double Up & Explore Offer from Hilton to earn double base points

Terms of this 2023 Double Up & Explore offer from Hilton are:

2023 Double Up & Explore
Offer valid for stays completed January 1 – April 30, 2023 (“Promotion period”) at any hotel or resort within the Hilton Portfolio. Hilton Honors™ members must first register at HiltonHonors.com/DoubleUpAndExplore prior to completing a stay within the Promotion period. Registered Hilton Honors members checking in before January 1, 2023, will receive Bonus Points for their stay if the stay is completed on or after January 1, 2023, and prior to or on April 30, 2023. Registered Hilton Honors members will earn Double Points per stay during the Promotion period. “Double Points” means members will receive Bonus Points equal to the number of Base Points earned during a stay. Registered Hilton Honors members will earn an additional 1,000 Bonus Points each time they stay at a new brand withing the Hilton portfolio during the Promotion period. There is no limit to the total amount of Bonus Points that may be earned during the Promotion period with this offer. However, there are restrictions on the number of Base Points that can be earned on a single stay at certain brands. For examples and further details, please see the FAQ page [https://www.hiltonhonors.com/en_US/hh1-2023-double-up-and-explore/faq/]. This offer may be altered or terminated without notice. Bonus Points do not count toward elite tier qualification. Please allow six to eight weeks from completion of your stay for Bonus Points to appear in your account. A ‘stay’ is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again. Offer is not valid for groups and cannot be combined with other select offers. In-Room Internet Access, Fitness Center/Health Club Access and Bottled Water benefits may not be complimentary at properties with a resort charge. Space-available upgrades only available at select brands. Elite status benefits are subject to availability and vary by brand. For more information, please visit HiltonHonors.com. Hilton Honors™ membership, including the earning and redemption of Points, is subject to Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions.


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