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Southwest Offers Free Changes and Reimbursement

Southwest’s meltdown is still going on and on. Today,December 29th, Southwest has canceled 58% of its flights, which is an improvement from the last couple of days.

Southwest is finally taking some responsibility for the cancellations. The airline is offering extended flexibility for travel changes through January 2. Anyone with travel plans with the airline before then should be able to make flight changes directly on the Southwest website without having to speak to anyone. If I had a southwest flight in the next couple days, I would suggest rebooking it with another airline.


If your travel is affected, save all your receipts, and you should be able to get reimbursed. Also, if your credit card provides travel insurance, now would be a good time to see what that covers too. Also of note: if you cancel your flight, make sure they reimbursed your refund to the original form of payment, instead of a voucher which the majority of the time has an expiration date.It’s always better to get your cash back.

From If you have been impacted by a flight cancellation or significant flight delay between December 24, 2022, and January 2, 2023, you may submit receipts for consideration via Email Us on We will honor reasonable requests for reimbursement for meals, hotel, and alternate transportation.





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