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Save Money Using Ibotta

I have been using ibotta for many years to save on everything from groceries, homegoods, beer to purchases at home improvements stores. If you’re new to the Ibotta app, here’s a quick rundown: Ibotta lets you save money when you spend money, both in person and online. Simply download the Ibotta app, choose offers before you shop, then upload your receipts ( or do nothing if your account is linked to a store) and you will get cash back. For online shopping, cash back monitor will show you the ibotta current cash back rate.

How to use Ibotta

I usually take a quick look at Ibotta if I am heading to a store. On a recent trip, I was going to buy some Sierra Nevada beer, so a simple click allowed me to get a few bucks back. I will say the offers vary, sometimes there are tons of offers for items I am going to buy, sometimes very few. The amount and limits also vary, for example having $5 off a 12 pack of beer with a limit of 5 is great when I am going to go buy several 12 packs for a big get together.


If you wish to use Ibotta signup using the following link, there are team benefits.

Just sign up with my referral code ‘qy5ba’ or sign up at →






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