chase combo offer december 2022

Save Money With Chase Offers

What are Chase Offers?

Chase Offers is a program that works similarly to Amex Offers, Bank Of America, and other Credit Cards. Most credit cards have an offer system were you can add offers to a specific credit card. These offers tend to have some generic offers and then targeted offers to each specific account and card.

For instance, there was a Quill offer that came out this past week. The offer was 10%, 15%, or 20% off at quill. I was lucky and received the targeted 20% off offer.

chase offers Quill 20% off up to $250
Quill 20% off chase offer

Why can Chase Offers be Amazing?

Chase offers can be amazing as they are stackable with any other deals you may be able to find, as longs as it does not specifically say in the terms and conditions. For example, the above Quill offer allows you to get 20% back up on all purchases up to saving $50. So, if you spend $250, you will get $50 back as a statement credit on your Chase bill. In addition, since I am using an Ink card, I will receive 5x points on the full $250 amount. There have been offers like $100 or $200 off a hotel chain booking. This can be an easy and lucrative money saver when booking a hotel reservation.

How to add Chase Offers

The offers available come from a wide range of merchants, and each offer includes their own terms and conditions. To view your available offers, check online at on your account dashboard or by signing in to the Chase mobile app. Chase will also send regular emails with offers, which I find as a good reminder to check what offers are available.

You can see an example of some of the current offers available on my Chase Ink Card:

chase offers
Chase Ink Card Offers





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