Hilton and Lyft promotion

Earn Hilton & Marriott Points For Using Rideshares

If you use a rideshare service, you may not know that you can earn hotel chain points simply by linking your account to the rideshare service. Hilton currently has a collaboration with Lyft and Marriott has a collaboration with Uber.

How to get Hilton points when using Lyft

With the Hilton & Lyft partnership, it’s possible to earn Hilton Honors points for your Lyft rides. You have to link your Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts by visiting hiltonhonorslyft.com and you will automatically earn points whenever you take a Lyft ride.

The Hilton earnings structure from using Lyft is:

  • Earn three Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on Lyft rides
  • Earn two Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on Lyft shared rides
  • There is a yearly limit of Hilton points from $10,000 of Lyft spending per year

How to get Marriott points when using Uber

Marriott Bonvoy & Uber partnership is currently offering 3,000 bonus points when members download the Uber app and link their Marriott Bonvoy account. You can find out how to link your accounts to earn this bonus and also points for all Uber spending including Uber Eats.

How Much You Can Earn

By linking your accounts, you can earn:

  • 3 points per dollar on Uber Premium rides (includes Uber XL, Uber Black, Uber SUV and Uber Comfort)
  • 6 points per dollar when you order Uber Eats while staying at a hotel within the Marriott® portfolio.
  • 2 points per dollar when you order Uber Eats at home or on the road.


By linking your Hilton or Marriott accounts, you can earn extra points on your Lyft and Uber spending throughout the year. These bonus Hilton and Marriott points are in addition to all other rewards from using your Credit Card or perks from the Rideshare service itself. This is a great way of earning extra hotel chain points without having to do any extra work after linking the accounts.



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