The JetBlue Plus Card

How to Not Pay for Checked Luggage

Regular fares in the continental USA (except southwest) charge $35 per checked bag. This per bag charge adds up quickly when you realize it is one way, so a round trip will cost you $70 per checked bag. If you have status with an airline, (usually from spending a lot of money), you can get free checked bags but my shortcut is to hold one of the JetBlue Credits cards.

JetBlue Credit Cards to The Rescue

With either the JetBlue Plus Card and JetBlue Business Card, you can check your first bag for free as long as you purchase the ticket with your card. This perk extends to three additional companions on the same reservation as the cardholder. For my family of four it means four checked bags on every JetBlue flight for free. On one round trip flight, this equates to $280 worth of checked luggage fees waived.

Technically, you have to use either JetBlue credit card as the payment method to get the free checked bag perk. It seems the free luggage perk is tied to your account and in most cases not payment method. It is possible to use another card for payment, such as one with built in trip protection, and still get the free luggage perk. Keep in mind you may have varied results.

The JetBlue Plus Card
The JetBlue Plus Card

JetBlue Credit Cards Annual Fees

Both cards come with a $99 annual fee, but the cost is even less when you considering the perks of the cards besides free checked luggage.

For example, the JetBlue Business Card comes with the following perk

  • Earn 5,000* bonus points every year after your account anniversary.
  • 6X points on eligible JetBlue purchases
  • Get 10% of your points back as a bonus after you redeem for and travel on a JetBlue-operated Award Flight
  • Many others benefits

*The annual 5000 points alone is worth at least $50 so the annual price is down to $49 even before you you consider the other perks of the card.


In one flight,my family of four would save $280 dollars in checked bag fees. Having the JetBlue card with the free checked luggage pays for itself many times over,especially for those who fly JetBlue often.


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