Two Years of Free Lyft Pink All Access with Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase and Lyft introduced a partnership in 2020 that provided free Lyft Pink for a year in addition to 10X back in points. The original offer of free Lyft Pink has expired for the majority of users that signed up during that period, but Chase has now replaced it with an even better offer.

Chase has extended the current partnership through March 2025 with Lyft Pink All Access for 2 years plus 50% off the third year, and 10X total points for those who have the Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR).

Lyft Benefits for Chase Sapphire Reserve Cardmembers:

  • Earn 10x total points on Lyft rides 
  • 2 years of complimentary Lyft Pink All Access including:
  • Free Priority Pickup upgrades to get picked up faster 
  • Member-exclusive pricing including 10% off all Lux rides
  • Cancellation forgiveness, cancel up to 3 times per month for free
  • In-app roadside assistance for your own car, free up to 4 times a year
  • Free Grubhub+ for one year
  • Free SIXT car rental upgrades
  • Free, unlimited 45-min classic bike rides where offered
  • Free unlimited ebike and scooter unlocks
  • Discounted ebike and scooter rates
  • 3 bike or scooter guest passes per year
  • A 50% discount off their 3rd year of Lyft Pink All Access membership

To activate Lyft Pink All Access

  1. Open Lyft app and on the upper left corner and select “payment”
  2. Add your Chase Sapphire Reserve as the payment method
  3. Go back to the menu and at the top, click on “Lyft Pink”
  4. You’ll then be prompted to activate your free Lyft Pink All Access membership
  5. After agreeing to the terms, your membership will be active
Chase Lyft Pink All Access graphic

To me, there are many benefits as listed above, but the the priority pickup really stands out. My previous Lyft Pink ran out and I noticed shortly after that I had to wait longer for a Lyft, especially during busy times. I experienced a much slower pick up recently at the Charleston SC Airport waiting for a Lyft ride so I am glad to have priority pickup back.





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